Ventimiglia is Armored

Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno and Milo Ventimiglia have all signed on to Screen Gems' heist flick ARMORED. Nimrod Antal (VACANCY) is directing the film about a young armored car guard who is persuaded by his veteran cohorts to empty a truck of its $10 million cargo. Matt Dillon, Columbus Short (STOMP THE YARD), Fred Ward (ENOUGH) and Skeet Ulrich are all already involved. There's no word on which roles each will be playing, but I'd wager that Fishburne will be the one who does the convincing, since that dude could read a Hubbard novel and make Scientology sound like a good idea. As much as he's a good looking young chap, Ventimiglia probably won't be playing our young armored car guard, since he's entering the project a little late, while Reno will probably be a French guy with a beard, since he's Jean Reno and he's always a French guy with a beard.
Extra Tidbit: I love how when Bryan Trout decided it would be a good career choice to use the stage name 'Skeet Ulrich', the term 'Skeet' had no real meaning. And then Lil' Jon happened. And now he is stuck with it.
Source: Variety



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