Vera Farmiga visits the Old West with A Thousand Guns

Actress Vera Farmiga is starting to fill up her post-awards season schedule -- in addition to making her directing debut on HIGHER GROUND, she'll also star in an indie western promisingly titled A THOUSAND GUNS.

The film is being directed by Spain's Daniel Calparsoro and written by Russell Friedenberg, and will feature Farmiga as a preacher's wife on a mission of revenge.

The project is being produced by Heather Rae, behind the recent FROZEN RIVER that netted an Oscar nomination for star Melissa Leo.

Aside from Sam Raimi's underappreciated THE QUICK AND THE DEAD, female-driven Westerns are a rarity outside of video store bottom racks (maybe you saw BANDIDAS, just for the Salma Hayek). Although one of my all-time favorite Westerns is still HANNIE CAULDER, with the divine Raquel Welch as a frontier woman turned vengeance-seeking gunslinger, with the late Robert Culp as her mentor.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of numbers and westerns, now will someone please make FORTY LASHES LESS ONE?
Source: Variety



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