Veronica Mars movie?

"Veronica Mars" was one of those many TV shows that was able to find a devoted cult following but was never able to quite catch on with a wide enough audience to stay on air. But like SERENITY, the movie based off the canceled TV series "Firefly," "Veronica Mars" might be making a trip to the big screen. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that series creator Rob Thomas (no relation to the Matchbox 20 singer of the same name) met with star Kristen Bell to discuss the possibility of making VERONICA MARS: THE MOVIE. Thomas told the magazine that he had a meeting with Bell about the movie and has also had a "few conversations" with uber-producer Joel Silver, who also produced the TV show, about a movie. Thomas does caution fans that he's quite busy with two pilots on the way ("Good Behavior" and "Cupid") but that once those have been launched, a VERONICA MARS movie would be his "top priority." Bell is currently filming Season 3 of "Heroes" and she just recently wrapped her first lead role in a film with the Disney romantic comedy WHEN IN ROME.

Extra Tidbit: Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard? :(



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