Video edit for JoBlo!

"The world" is a' changing and so are we, and if you are good at editing video AND live in either New York or Los Angeles, this gig may just be for you, so read on. Long-term, we're also interested in you if you're a Web Designer (this is separate from the "Video Editing" job), so get in touch with us if you think you would make a "good fit" with our site.

Position: Video transfer/editor

What is required of this post?

  • You must live in either New York or Los Angeles. We're not trying to be uppity in this request, but all of our video junkets take place in either NY or LA and we need to get you the video tapes (BETA) right after the shoots, so you need to be there

  • You must be able to transfer BETA video to digital forms like .wmv, .avi or .mov and know what the f*ck you're doing like adding graphics, credits, fonts, etc....

  • You must have flexible hours, but more importantly, you must be efficient as we generally don't have too much time to turn these things over

How do I apply?

If you honestly believe that this position is a good fit with your schedule & abilities, please send me a direct email at [email protected] titled VIDEO EDITING FOR JOBLO.COM and include in it:

1) Why you think you would be ideally suited for this post while concentrating on the above requirements

2) If possible, examples of your work

3) Your full name, age, resume (if you've got one) and geographical location

Furthermore, if you've already worked on any other website, please provide us with the required URLs so that I could check those out as well.

Email me at [email protected]

Source: JoBlo.com



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