Videodrome redux!

Love live the new flesh! Universal Pictures has signed writer Ehren Kruger to write and produce a remake of the 1983 David Cronenberg thriller VIDEODROME. Though it will share a name with the Cronenberg film, much will be updated, including adapting it as a "large-scale sci-fi action thriller."

The original film starred James Woods at his creepiest as the president of a TV station who, while searching for new programming, finds a mysterious signal that only seems to broadcast death and torture. Some crazy ass shit ensues. I'd imagine much of what made the original so impactful will be jettisoned for a more straight ahead type thriller, especially with Kruger's involvement (a writer who has experience with TV signal's causing death and destruction from THE RING).

At this point it doesn't appear as if Cronenberg himself will have any involvement as he's too busy prepping THE MATARESE CIRCLE for MGM. If you're going to check out VIDEODROME again, I highly suggest getting yourself the Criterion Collection on DVD.

Extra Tidbit: Roger Ebert reportedly called VIDEODROME "one of the least entertaining films ever made."
Source: Variety



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