Viggo Mortensen to play Doctor Strange in Thor: The Dark World? Yes, please!

Let me state before hand that this is Twidder rumor fodder, so take it with a grain of salt before you get all excited in the pants like I did.

According to Roger Wardell, who either has actual inside information of Marvel casting news or is extremely good at guessing, has posted something quite curious on his Twitter account. Look below:

Then not 19-minutes later comes this...

Now, even though they weren't combined into one tweet, it makes sense that another high profile actor would be stepping into the role. Joel Edgerton recently had to pass because of a busy schedule. Mortensen fits the bill for Strange. He's also the second best option I've heard after coming up with Chris Sarandon, who is too old and would make the role more Dr. Orpheus than Doctor Strange. Though, that's not a bad idea...live-action VENTURE BROTHERS? Take all my money now.

Of course, when we find out, we'll be sure to let you know. Just sit and stew on the thought of it for awhile.

Source: Twitter/Film



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