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Viggo talks Hobbit


Frodo & Viggo:That's Amore...

Ever since Peter Jackson announced plans to produce a film version of THE HOBBIT, constant speculations have been made on whether the original cast, a large part of the LOTR success, would be back. Especially Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, one of (if not THE) most popular characters from those films. And to think Stuart Townsend was the original choice...

Contrary to John Rhys-Davies, the multi-talented Viggo would indeed reprise his signature role without hesitation. But there has to be a role to begin with...

"I think they're just worried about shooting the first part of that movie which doesn't involve my character," Mortensen told the Coming Soon folks this weekend. "My character is around at times--in the middle, but it would only be if they made a second movie or connecting movie that connected 'The Hobbit' to 'The Lord of the Rings' that I might appear, which would be great."

The original plan was indeed to make THE HOBBIT into a single film with a sequel to bridge the gap, until director Del Toro revealed last year they would instead split the book in two movies, leaving the "connecting" possibility up in the air. Unless they figured out a way to include it.

Extra Tidbit: Stuart Townsend does get an interesting "consolation prize" though...
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