Viggo's NOT retiring

Viggo's rocking the goat!

Lots of talk have been heard recently that Viggo Mortensen was done with movies. Not that the guy needs them to survive or fulfill himself; he's also an accomplished poet, painter, photographer, jazz musician,...can I stop here? I'm pretty sure the guy can fart in an artistically accomplished manner!

His presence at the recent Toronto Film Fest for THE ROAD was sure to have him field questions on his future in films, as asked by the folks of Collider. Unsurprisingly he answered with little reaction, in that quiet and peaceful demeanor I can only dream of possessing.

"I don't have any plans to quit, despite what media people say. I don't know why, they must be bored right now," he calmly rebuffed with a hint of a smirk. "I consider it a fortune profession, to be able to make a living and tell a story. It's a privilege". 

Too bad there's only one of him. Lots of "stars" could use some of that humility...

Extra Tidbit: Viggo is apparently a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens. Go Habs!
Source: Collider



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