Vin Diesel to premiere the Fast Five trailer on his Facebook page

That is the art that Vin Diesel chose to post on his Facebook page along with the announcement that he'll be debuting the teaser trailer for FAST FIVE. It is Vin, a tiger, a jungle and glowing turquoise eyes. Now I know I Photoshop a lot of stupid shit for our site but even at my stupidest, I don't know that I could've come up with that.

But back to the trailer... It's somewhat unusual for a studio to premiere a trailer on Facebook, especially on the site of one of the actors. But Vin has like two trillion Facebook friends or something (22,000 people alone "liked" his post in less than 40 minutes) so Universal has taken a leap of faith and will allow Vin to post before Apple, Yahoo or JoBlo.com.

Says Vin, Tuesday 12pm pacific! The studio acknowledges that our page has been with this production every step of the way, and because of that, they want to premiere the first Fast Five trailer for you, here... before everyone else gets it. USA today is doing a story on it... essentially on you, the heart of this page. This is the first time in history that something like this has happened... a corporation respecting the true fans... pretty cool.

As to what that photo has to do with anything, I haven't got the foggiest but it's not helping with any of those rumors ifyouknowwhatI'mtalkingabout.

Extra Tidbit: Kinda reminds me of this.



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