Vince Vaughn to star in Rockford Files movie

Universal is developing a movie version of the 1970's television series THE ROCKFORD FILES and plan to have Vince Vaughn star.

Vaughn has done quite a bit of comedy in recent years and even co-starred in the big screen STARSKY AND HUTCH with his friends Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Rockford could be a welcome opportunity for Vaughn to return to the hero role. No word on whether or not the film will be updated or retain a retro style.

THE ROCKFORD FILES series followed Jim Rockford, a private eye who spent a few years in San Quentin before being pardoned. He worked and lived out of a mobile home near the beach in Malibu, and unlike most of his TV detective peers, he dressed disheveled, and mostly used his charm and guile to talk his way out of trouble, instead of shooting.

The show was known for quick wit and car chases. Both are in abundance in movies these days, but if balanced properly, this could be a nice role for Vaughn.

NBC had been trying to reboot the show in recent years to no avail. No word on a release date at this point.

What do you think of Vince Vaughn as Jim Rockford?

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Source: Deadline



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