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Vincent D'Onofrio says no one's right regarding the Jurassic World story


Vincent D'Onofrio recently spoke about his role as the Kingpin in Marvel's Daredevil series that will be premiering on Netflix next year and apparently that's not the only role he's having a ball with. He also recently spoke about his upcoming role in Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC WORLD. While he's as tight-lipped as anyone else in the cast/crew, he does seem to feel that most of what he's read online in terms of the story doesn't scratch the surface of what's planned for the film.

In regards to what's been leaked online in terms of the story:

You know, I’ve seen a lot of the stories out there. None of them really have it. Yeah, not really. You have no idea what’s in store. There really are a couple of, I would say more than five or six scenes in that, that are just totally iconic, like amazing.

What D'Onofrio can tell us about the story::

I’m legally bound not to say anything, and I also think it’s more exciting not to. It’s so funny because, when you’re on a set like that . . . it’s not the same feeling you have on any other set, like, something that was created up, this world that was created by Steven Spielberg. When you’re on that set, I remember the first couple days on the set it was so weird it. You see, “oh, there’s the jeep from so and so,” and “oh f*ck, that’s,oh shit!,” and everything looks so Jurassic-y. It’s quite something. Then you have to realize that, you know, f*ck, you know, I’m playing a real guy in a real situation, and you gotta start acting. But at first when you walk on set, like when we were shooting in Hawaii, we’re on the side of this beautiful mountain, flying in helicopters and all kinds of shit. Like I said, there’s an endless amount of iconic scenes in the movie that come one after another that are going to be so spectacular. You know, I think everyone is going to just love it. If they’re anything, like, if the public is anything as enthusiastic as my daughter and my 14-year-old son, I think it’s gonna be a huge movie then.

Steven Spielberg was a master at creating those "event films" that have one or two scenes that put you on the edge of your seat; the first appearance of the shark in JAWS, the plane fight and ensuing chase scene on horseback in RAIDERS, and of course, the first appearance of the T-Rex in JURASSIC PARK. I'm excited to hear that the cast is as excited about JURASSIC WORLD as its fans are.

JURASSIC WORLD will hit theaters on June 12, 2015.

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