Viral site launches for Iron Man 2, what is Stark Expo?

A new site has launched as part of a promotional campaign for IRON MAN 2 that purports to advertise the upcoming Stark Expo 2010 in Queens, New York. What is Stark Expo? Well, it's one of the major plot points of the upcoming film; an exposition first held by Tony Stark's father in the summer of 1974 in Flushing, Queens. In the new movie Stark wants to relaunch the Expo and the site serves as the setting for some of the movie's biggest scenes. To wit:

It doesn't seem that the Stark Expo website is truly viral at this point. While there is a countdown to an event in Flushing, it's counting down to the film's release. There may be some event held there (as they advertise tickets being available soon) but that remains unclear. For now, I'd just take this as a fun little side website to give you some background on the movie including some production art of the sets and videos about the current and past Stark Expos. If anything more pops up, we'll definitely let you know.

Extra Tidbit: Director Jon Favreau grew up in Queens, NY.
Source: Stark Expo



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