Vote to bring Attack the Block to your city next!

On this week's JoBlo Movie Podcast, Moreno and I got to spend some quality time gushing over ATTACK THE BLOCK, a film Moreno called his favorite of the year so far (I'm not sure it's my definitive favorite, but definitely one of my favorites). Jim Law had to sit that discussion out because ATB wasn't available in Detroit yet - but that could change...

After a successful limited run, on August 19th, ATTACK THE BLOCK is expanding to Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas and Washington, D.C. plus one more city. Which city? You decide! Screen Gems is letting audiences vote on Facebook for which city will be the sixth to get ATB on the 19th. Will it be Cleveland, Denver, Houston, San Diego, Miami, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Portland or will Jim Law flood the votes and get a screening in Detroit?

You've got until Friday at 3:00pm EST to cast your vote. With any luck, ATTACK will continue to play gangbusters and pretty soon the whole world will be able to experience the joy.



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