Wachowskis' Ninja

When MATRIX men Andy and Larry Wachowski finish up work on their candy-colored live-action cartoon SPEED RACER, they are apparently making an action flick called NINJA ASSASSIN.

This is literally the first I've heard about it, and no real details were given (including whether the title character is someone who assassinates ninjas, or if he's a ninja who is also an assassin, which is sort of redundant, but I digress). What we do know is that the movie will feature Korean actor Jung Ji-Hoon, better known as K-pop sensation Rain.

The Warner Bros. movie will start shooting next month, but the Wachowskis' V FOR VENDETTA director/proxy/meat puppet James McTiegue will probably do the credited direction. Newly minted international superstar Rain also appears in the Wachowskis' SPEED RACER flick, and got his feature start with OLDBOY virtuoso Park Chan-Wook's whimsical asylum love story I'M A CYBORG BUT THAT'S OK.
Extra Tidbit: Rain was (unwittingly?) the subject of a feud with faux-pundit Stephen Colbert over who was the better K-pop singer.
Source: Variety



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