Wahlberg deals drugs

Man, Mark Wahlberg doesn't seem to have any problem keeping his schedule full. He's finishing up Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES, joining Brad Pitt in Darren Aronofsky's THE FIGHTER, playing a videogame character in MAX PAYNE, and now selling narcotics for Peter Berg.

The Beantown boy and Funky Bunch graduate will star in Berg's as-yet-unnamed flick about international drug dealer Jon Roberts, a decorated Vietnam vet who formed a relationship with the Medellin cartel (which is suddenly most famous for being Vincent Chase's pet project on ENTOURAGE -- a show that Wahlberg produces, ironically) back in the 70s and built a billion-dollar cocaine trade.

The project is still a ways out -- a script won't even be started until the writers strike ends, and Berg has a whole bunch of other potential projects on his plate, including DUNE. His HANCOCK opens later this year, and Wahlberg will next be seen in Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING.
Extra Tidbit: Roberts' career in the trafficking biz was the subject of the fascinating documentary COCAINE COWBOYS.
Source: Variety



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