Wahlberg on Departed 2

Mark Wahlberg talked to MTV recently about the prospects of both a prequel and sequel to the Oscar-winning THE DEPARTED.

"We may do another one, because it’s based on a Hong Kong film ['Infernal Affairs'], and there is a trilogy. So we may do a sequel with a new cast, and a prequel and bring back the rest of the guys... They’re [still] developing it... If it can be better than the first, then great. I’ll be all for it. I’m not interested in going for the paycheck. I love ‘Godfather 2’ but, then again, I don’t like ‘Godfather 3.’”

Sometimes I can't stand Mark Wahlberg (THE HAPPENING), but then I just remember THE BIG HIT and I fall in love with him all over again. Seriously: even though that movie packs some of the worst CGI and some of the most ludicrous subplots you will ever see in your life, I defy you to watch it and not have a good time.

Oh, and so long as Scorsese and Monahan are back for this then I'm definitely down with it - THE DEPARTED was an unquestionable masterpiece.
Extra Tidbit: Wahlberg has a tattoo of Bob Marley on his shoulder.
Source: MTV



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