Wahlberg talks Fighter

The last that I had heard, Darren Aronofsky (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) had moved to distance himself from THE FIGHTER and had instead asserted that his next project would be his take on the story of Noah's Ark. Plans must have changed though, because now Marky Mark Wahlberg (he'll always be Marky Mark to me) has told MTV that - regarding the flick - he spoke to Aronofsky a couple of days ago.

"If it ain't gonna be like Raging Bull, then it ain't worth doing.... These guys, they have the story. Their lives are incredible. The things that they went through, and the things that they overcame and endured. It's one of those amazing stories that I hope I get an opportunity to tell in my career. It's going to be one of them gems... The whole thing is to make it look real. I want to do these guys justice. We don't want to do any over-the-top, unrealistic fight scenes"

Those are pretty bold words from Wahlberg, but I'd trust Aronofsky with the life of my first born, never mind the direction of a boxing flick with Wahlberg and Matt Damon. Wahlberg seems to be going through the best period of his career, coming off the back of an Oscar nomination (although I still don't know why) for THE DEPARTED, he's now getting ready to star in M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming THE HAPPENING. THE FIGHTER is the true story of underdog boxing champ "Irish" (that just means you're white) Mickey Ward (Wahlberg) and his trainer/brother (Damon).
Extra Tidbit: Wahlberg has a tattoo of Bob Marley on his left shoulder.
Source: MTV



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