Wait, are the rights to Daredevil about to revert back to Marvel after all?

Daredevil question marks

Well this is cute.

Just yesteday we reported about a possible deal set to go down between Fox and Disney/Marvel concerning the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer being exchanged in favor of Fox keeping Daredevil so that Joe Carnahan (THE GREY) could have enough time to properly develop his take on the character.

"Not so fast," says Fox. Considering how Josh Trank (CHRONICLE) is currently on board and actively developing FANTASTIC FOUR, Fox is much more interested these days in that property bearing fruit than DAREDEVIL and would rather lose the rights to that character than those of two potential characters for future FANTASTIC FOUR movies.

The report intimates that the true talks going on between Fox and Disney/Marvel concern Marvel co-financing DAREDEVIL, thereby giving over a certain amount of creative control without outright passing the rights back. What say you to that possibility? Is there the chance Disney/Marvel will play ball, and what might it mean if they do?

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Marvel might still let Joe Carnahan do his thing if the rights DID revert back.



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