Waiting sequel a go?

Those of you who've been desperately longing for another peak into the lives of the wacky, disgruntled employees of Shenanigan's in writer/director Rob McKittrick's WAITING…, you're in luck - two of the film's supporting players recently informed MTV that a sequel, expertly titled STILL WAITING…, is in the works. Alanna Ubach, returning as the terrifyingly ferocious Naomi, relates: "The basic plot is that the restaurant is still open, but it's going through a lot of trouble. It's really sinking, and [the waiters] are doing anything they can to keep it open. And a lot of crazy things happen along the way!"

Eerily young-faced borderline sociopath Andy Milonakis, who portrayed a stoner in the original, also adds that of the original film's principal players who've gone on to Hollywood stardom - Anna Farris, Justin Long, Dane Cook & Ryan Reynolds - Reynolds is the only one who's pretending that this particular pit stop on his road to stardom didn't exist i.e. he won't be returning for the requisite sequel cameo.

For those of you feeling particular lukewarm about the prospect of a second round of pubic-hair-based customer pranking, it's important to note that Ubach was quick to add that, having exposed her genitals in the original, it was only fair we get a look at her ta-tas in the sequel and, really, it's about time. Click on those olive cans to find out more.


Extra Tidbit: McKittrick is, amazingly, still recounting his experiences getting WAITING… to the big screen over at his official blog.
Source: VH1



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