Walken is Lonely

Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to a comedy by the guy who directed GARFIELD about a bunch of old guys stealing artwork. But when you assemble a cast like Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy, that definitely gets my attention. The trio will star in THE LONELY MAIDEN about three museum security guards who conspire to steal artwork that's being transferred out of their museum. Both Macy and Freeman will produce along with the Yari Film Group. Despite their legendary careers, Freeman and Walken have never starred together in a film. Seems odd considering how many movies these guys do, but it's true. This film could still be a stinker (the director of GARFIELD and the writer of YOU, ME AND DUPREE) but at least it'd be a stinker with an intriguing cast. Filming on MAIDEN is expected to begin this November in Boston. Freeman can be seen this December alongside Jack Nicholson in THE BUCKET LIST while Walken can be seen cooking a chicken with pears right here.

Extra Tidbit: Because I couldn't just leave you with only one Christopher Walken cooking reference, here are some of his favorite recipes.
Source: Variety



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