Walken joins Spielberg

The pimpinest man in show-biz today, Chris Walken, will join Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in DreamWorks big-budget 2002 action pic CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Walken will play DiCaprio’s father in the film, which will be directed by Steven Spielberg. In CATCH DiCaprio plays the FBI’s most wanted, conman Frank Abangale, Jr. with Hanks as the agent tracking him down. If I might add real quick…if I had to pick one acting career to have I would most definitely choose Chrissy Walken. Here’s a guy who’s worked for David Cronenberg, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Jonze and Steven Spielberg in addition to being able to go from TRUE ROMANCE and THE PROPHECY to STUART LITTLE 2 and THE COUNTRY BEARS.

And who can forget his turn as Ed Glosser: Trivial Psychic on Saturday Night Live. “At lunch…you're gonna treat yourself to a vanilla ice cream…you're gonna eat it…too fast…you're gonna get…an ice cream headache.. it's gonna hurt.. real bad.. right.. [ touches his forehead ] ..here.. for eight, nine seconds…”


Source: Variety
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