Wall-E DVD deets!

Lost amongst the never ending DARK KNIGHT hype this summer was just how amazing WALL-E was. Like TDK, you can expect a push for a Best Picture Oscar later this year (which would be the geekiest Oscars ever - Batman vs. Pixar?!). Now VideoETA has some details on the WALL-E DVD and what you can expect. The Pixar guys have never skimped on the details and this time there's no shortage of material. Both standard and Blu-ray discs will be available in a whopping 3-disc special edition! Extras haven't been listed yet but we do know that a digital copy of the film (for use on your iPod) will be made available. For those not looking to plunk down $40 on a DVD, both Blu-ray and standard DVDs will be available in a 2-disc copy as well (isn't it weird how the 2-disc DVDs are becoming the standard when they used to be the special?). WALL-E hits DVD shelves on November 18th, just in time for the holiday season and to remind those Oscar voters that there's a little animated robot who deserves some love...

Extra Tidbit: A Pixar assistant's voice was modulated to create EVE.
Source: VideoETA



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