Wall-E gets Oscar push

As expected, Disney/Pixar will formally launch a Best Picture campaign for it's summer hit WALL-E this week with, among other things, a full-page ad in Variety turning the trade newspaper into "Variet-E." An animated film has never won Best Picture at the Academy Awards with only one previous nomination (1991's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST), though that nomination came before the Academy created the Best Animated Feature category. There was some talk last year about launching a Best Picture campaign for Pixar's RATATOUILLE but it was eventually decided against (the movie went on to win for Best Animated Feature).

Another unlikely entry into the Oscar fold is Robert Downey, Jr. who will find himself the focus of two Oscar campaigns and neither will be for the drama THE SOLOIST (which may thought earlier this year was clear Oscar bait). Paramount is looking to push Downey, Jr. for Best Actor for IRON MAN and Best Supporting Actor for TROPIC THUNDER. Sadly it doesn't look like SIMPLE JACK will get any awards from the Oscars this year...

Extra Tidbit: Does WALL-E have a real chance at an Oscar this year?
Source: NY Times



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