Wall-E poster & pics

I'm not going to do a formal Con write up on WALL-E mainly because I sat in on the panel just for fun, not for work. But for all the hype you hear about IRON MAN, just know there was one other panel that was just as impressive. While IRON MAN made you want to stand up and cheer, WALL-E left you with a smile from ear to ear. Unlike a lot of the presenters at the Con, Andrew Stanton is an accomplished public speaker and did a great job of relating his vision of the film to the crowd. He also brought out STAR WARS sound guru Ben Burtt who highlighted a lot of the sounds we'll hear in the film (considering it's almost completely dialogue-free). Burtt will "voice" Wall-E, but the character only makes a few sounds - his name that you heard in the trailer, a "sigh," a "whoa" sound and "Eve," the name of the robot he falls in love with.

They showed a new Pixar logo intro (you know the one with the bouncing Luxo light) this time with Wall-E involved. And after seeing that and seeing four minutes from the beginning of the film, I can say with some degree of certainty that Wall-E will be one of the most beloved modern Disney characters. He's just that charming. Anyway, before this turns into a formal Con write-up or Pixar worship session, let me get to what I'm here to tell you. We've got a new teaser poster for WALL-E as well as some pics I was able to snag from the Con. It sucks that we have to wait almost a full year but I guarantee it'll be worth it when it gets here.

Extra Tidbit: As is the Disney film standard, Wall-E even has an animal sidekick - a pet cockroach.
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