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Wall Street 2


Considering the recent economic apocalypse, making a sequel to WALL STREET right now is either brilliant timing or a terrible and tasteless idea.

But Fox doesn't care either way -- they're moving forward with the long-discussed follow-up to Oliver Stone's 80s tale of vicious investor Gordon "Greed is good" Gekko, a role that nabbed an Oscar for Michael Douglas.

The new project, titled MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, is currently undergoing a complete rewrite by Allan Loeb (21). It's expected to focus on Gekko's post-prison activities (Charlie Sheen's character apparently won't be involved), and Douglas is "interested" but will decide his participation based on the script.

Whether anyone will be able to afford a ticket (or give up their place on the soup line) by the time it comes out is the real question.

Extra Tidbit: At least the technology will be a little more cutting-edge. Or smaller, anyway. Look at that brick! Who's he calling -- Mars?
Source: THR



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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