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Aardman Films has announced they are producing 12 short films featuring the popular "Wallace and Gromit" characters to premiere on the web.  Here's the official news (along with news about the WALLACE AND GROMIT film) from Aardman:

Nick Park has set into production 12 exciting new Wallace and Gromit films all to be released later this year, free of charge with the help of the internet. Each film features one of Wallace's unique new inventions and runs for approximately 1 minute. Since the release of A Close Shave (1995) and throughout the production of Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit have never been far away from Nick's thoughts. For the last year he has been working on the script for a new Wallace and Gromit film, The Great Vegetable Plot, which is due to be released in a couple of years.

A year ago we were invited by Explore, an American magazine, to create a series of photographic vignettes themed, Wallace's Workshop. The series of pictures featured Wallace and his incredible inventions. It was this project that inspired us to create this new series of short films. As fans already appreciate, Wallace is one of the most prolific inventors of our time, remember a certain pair of mechanical trousers? The close shave with a knitting machine? The rocket which took the pair on A Grand Day Out?

Well Wallace's inventions have moved on, they are definitely 21st century, Wallace's Workshop will include a Bowl-O-Matic Machine a Vac-O-Matic Machine an Iron-O-Matic Machine and a Breakfast TV Toaster, essentials for a modern lifestyle! But as in previous Wallace and Gromit adventures, once again it's the ever-tolerant Gromit who has to demonstrate them! With the release of The Great Vegetable Plot still a couple of years away, this is the first opportunity that millions of fans will have to enjoy brand new Wallace and Gromit films since the Oscar winning 'A Close Shave' in 1995.

Using a free CD Rom 'album', fans will visit chosen web sites to collect a series of short film clips. Each set collected unlocks a whole film for viewing from the CD. A new film will be available for collection onto the 'album' each weekend. This exciting new 'Movie Album' concept has been developed by Media Ideas Ltd. The films will be available from this Autumn. Aardman are only too aware and very familiar with the power of the internet, we were the first studio in the world to release a free animated series on line. Angry Kid was released in May 2000 and, to date, there have been over 7 million plays and downloads of the short films. Angry Kid has recouped its production costs via on-line sponsorships and commercial tie-ins.

Fans without internet access, will still have the option of getting all 'Wallace's Workshop' adventures on video.

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Source: Aardman Films
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