Walt Disney Studios will be releasing an exclusive app for the iPad

One day Disney and Apple will conquer the world. Apple is damn near close to it.

Walt Disney Studios announced in a press release today that they are releasing an app that will be exclusively for the Apple iPad.

Once the app is downloaded, the user will be able to preview the newest trailers, read a synopsis, and immediately buy movie tickets. THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is the first new release to be offered on the app, along with other Disney movies presently in theaters.

You will also be able to purchase Disney films digitally as well as through other online retailers, "With movies that are available via the Studios’ Home Entertainment division, the app has the ability to connect consumers directly to online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Disney Store to purchase Disney movies on Blu-ray™ or Disney DVD. More partners will be added with future updates of the app. For users who would prefer to receive movies electronically, iPad users will also have the ability to download them digitally into their iTunes or Vudu account."

"More than 60 movies are featured in the app’s innovative user interface. Due to the nature of its simple and sophisticated design, the app can be updated as soon as new content becomes available. An iPhone and iPod touch compatible app will be available this summer and apps for other smart phones are also in development."

Greg Brandeau, Chief Technology Officer for Disney said this about the app, “The Disney Movies app is a perfect way for our fans to learn more about the amazing creative content that is currently available from The Walt Disney Studios. Whether they want to head straight to their local theater, buy the latest Blu-ray or DVD, download the newest digital release on their iPad, or search and discover new details about our films, the Disney Movie app provides fans with a dynamic and engaging experience.”

Extra Tidbit: How many people here actually own an iPad?



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