Wanna rip throats like a pro? Join the MacGruber Training Academy!

MACGRUBER is not one of those comedies where the best bits are all in the trailer and the commercials. In fact, I'd say you haven't even seen the best bits yet. MACGRUBER is far too R-rated for that. It'll definitely be one of those movies that take people by surprise when they see it.

To help celebrate the release of the film later this month and assist bored cubicle-workers pass the time, Rogue Pictures has launched the "MacGruber Training Academy." It's basically a series of flash-based games that involve MacGruber doing what he does best - being funny and kicking ass. It's also probably the only time you'll get to play a game called "Pound the Cunth" without getting fired from work. I do think one of the games somewhat spoils one of the better running gags in the movie but I still think it'll be funny when the time comes. Some of the games are "restricted" for some salty language but you can always mute that.

Check out the games by clicking below!

Extra Tidbit: The MacGruber sex scene will blow your mind.
Source: JoBlo.com



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