Want a Metroid movie? Live action Other M trailer is closest you'll get

A few weeks ago there was an amazing rumor about a Uwe Boll directed Metroid movie starring Jessica Simpson as Samus Aran. That would have been so astonishingly bad, I almost wish it was getting made, but alas it is not, and we'll just have to wait for the game to be turned into a proper film at some point down the road.

But until then, we have this live-action trailer for Metroid: Other M, the new game for the Wii which is supposed to be pretty damn cool. The live-action bit seems to be all the rage on many new video game trailers as after Halo ODST did it and it went viral, other games are now following suit.

This one is cool, but the monsters look a bit cartoonish to be matched up with a real life Samus. As for the game itself? It's kind of a bummer that Metroid is a Nintendo property, as it must be constrained by the Wii's shitty graphics. This usually isn't a problem for their other cartoonish franchises, but Metroid could be graphically stunning if it wanted to be. But hopefully the gameplay is excellent, and this will be a reason to dust off the system.

Extra Tidbit: How many of you tried the "see Samus nude trick" in Super Smash Bros?
Source: Machinima



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