Want to know one of the gross ways someone will die in Final Destination 5?

The one thing I like about the FINAL DESTINATION franchise that, to me, sets it apart from other horror movies that never want to end is that they can always keep coming up with endless "everyday" scenarios that can kill you. Yeah, they're obviously exaggerated but I mean who hasn't at least once thought about getting eaten up by malfunctioning escalator or having their hand ripped to shreds in a garbage disposal?

Now that FINAL DESTINATION 5 is on the way, we've got our first hint to one of the film's fatalities. If you consider this a spoiler, I'd recommend you look away even though I'm sure they'll show at least bits of this in the trailer...

Eric Heisserer, who rewrote the shooting draft for the Universal prequel for THE THING, is currently working on the script for the film and one of the deaths he's written in to the script is laser-eye surgery gone wrong. And that makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Just like the last installment, this version of FINAL DESTINATION will be shot in 3D and New Line is currently checking out directors for the film, which they hope to get into production this summer.

So if you had to write a FINAL DESTINATION film, what crazy (yet somewhat normal) ways of dying would you include in the film?

Extra Tidbit: How about someone watches 3D TV too much and their brain straight-up explodes?
Source: THR



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