Want to know what Iron Man 2 easter eggs to look for this weekend?

IRON MAN 2 is here, folks! I'm pretty sure 99.9% of you will be off seeing this bad boy in theaters sometime over the next couple of days (that other 0.1% will undoubtedly be off watching BABIES... hey, it's okay, no one is laughing or judging or pointing fingers at you).

So with that in mind, there are likely many of you who are well-versed in Marvel Comics lore. For you guys then, there should be plenty of neat little treats to look for when watching Shellhead's cinematic escapdes.

CHUD's Devin Faraci has compiled a detailed list of 7 "Easter Eggs" to look for in IRON MAN 2. Some are obvious, some are obscure, but all sound pretty neat when considering that they're essentially about Marvel building a larger, interconnected universe for their existing (and soon to exist) movie characters.

Below are just a couple of the easter eggs, but head on over to CHUD to see them all. Beware of minor spoilers!

Is that Vibranium that Tony Stark creates? What is the new element that Tony Stark creates anyway? It's never named in the film, and requests to Marvel Studios for clarification went unanswered. The cynic in me thinks that's it just a deus ex machine element, or a MacGuffin like Avatar's Unobtainium, but the fact that it goes unnamed means that Marvel Studios could retcon it to be anything.

And why not make it Vibranium? As I said above, Captain America's shield is made of a Vibranium/iron alloy, and Howard Stark was obviously involved in at least the shield aspect of the Super Soldier Program. Could Stark have found enough Vibranium in Antarctica to make the shield, but not much more? Could he have figured out the metal's atomic structure but not been able to synthesize it at the time? Hey, it's a comic book movie. Anything is possible.

The Incredible Hulk takes place during the ending of Iron Man 2. The scene at the end where Nick Fury debriefs Tony Stark at a SHIELD safehouse doesn't just have a world map in the background. There's also a brief shot of a TV screen tuned to a news report, and the reporter is coming live from Culver University, which is where Hulk has his daylight battle with General Ross' troops. I imagine this is the same news report that we see in The Incredible Hulk, where local college kids had filmed elements of the battle. That means the Tony Stark appearance in that film happens after the last scene of Iron Man 2.
Extra Tidbit: Where for art thou M.O.D.O.K.?
Source: CHUD



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