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Want to see more from season 4? Check out 17 new Game of Thrones stills


The last time I saw an episode of GAME OF THRONES was... when? June? Holy crap! I missed it immediately after it was over. I suffered from withdraws. I tried to persuade GOT with dipping sticks to come back. Cherry Coke was even thrown into the deal. But I, like everyone else had to wait it out.

Finally itís coming back! April 6, 2014 will be the day that fills me with much happiness. Did you see the latest trailer? GAW! Itís almost February, not April! Iím not trying to rush time but I need this back in my life.

Until then Iím sure we will get more peeks like these 17 new stills. Here you get to see the Red Viper and Daarioís replacement (Michiel Huisman). Also, look at that expression on Danys face in the second pic. You do not f*ck with her.

Check out the stills below.

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