War Monkeys!

Kevin Munroe (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES) has been tapped to direct WAR MONKEYS, a horror comedy in the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The film is based on a story by Chris Patton, follows two guys trapped in an underground research facility with military-trained Rhesus monkeys. It's not exactly clear how intelligent the monkeys will be, but Munroe comments that:

"... it's not just about the ability to carry a gun, but I love the idea of monkeys coming together to accomplish a goal... Part of it is we're naming them to give them identifiable features, whenever you can get personalities in there, it's going to be fun."

Are these monkeys talking to each other? I don't know. Look, I'll be honest, I started out writing this story because I thought it would be an easy opportunity to make fun of something, but I've been thinking about it for like twenty minutes and I can't come up with anything. Military monkeys hunting two dudes in an underground facility? Throw a half naked chick with insecurities and this might be the greatest film ever made.
Extra Tidbit: This dude loves animals am I right?
Source: STYD



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