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Warner Bros developing a 7 film, CGI-driven Arabian Nights movie series


Warner Bros is staking their claim in a potential major franchise by purchasing a script outline for a seven film series based on the classic collection of stories known as THE ARABIAN NIGHTS. One of the oldest story collections in the world, 1001 Nights has served as the basis for countless films, both live action and animated. Characters we have come to know like Aladdin and Sinbad originated in popular culture from the 8th century text. The most famous adaptations are, of course, the animated Disney film ALADDIN and multiple versions made for television.

It is important to note that Warner Bros has purchased a script treatment, not a fully developed movie screenplay. According to Deadline, the 90 page outline by David Weil would serve as the jumping off point for a major film series. The story claims this would be approached as the traditional tales with modern themes added alongside the need for large scale CGI special effects. With the popularity of Bible stories these days, THE ARABIAN NIGHTS could mark another trend in filmmaking genres.

With no writers or directors attached at this point, THE ARABIAN NIGHTS could fall apart and never come to fruition. But, seeing as the source material is public domain, the studio can take their time in making this one happen. I think there is a lot of potential in making an amazing movie based on these stories. The question now is which director would be right for the job?

Source: Deadline



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