Warner Bros gears up for a Grudge Match

It's not very often you hear about a script that's wholly original and not based on a TV show, book, video game, children’s toy or cereal box character, and so when one does come along, it’s actually worth reporting about.

Warners has picked up Tim Kelleher’s pitch for GRUDGE MATCH, a story about two old boxers who return to the ring for one final match. How old are they? Well, the titular fight takes place FIFTY years after their original bout, hence why many are comparing the film to Clint Eastwood's SPACE COWBOYS.

Let’s say each fighter was 18 during their initial fight (a biiiig lowball), that mean the MINIMUM age for each of these fighters would be 68, but more likely they'd be in their mid to late seventies, and I have to say, I can’t see very many actors pulling this off. The obvious prime choice, Stallone (who is 64), already had his “old boxer returns” moment, so who else would put on gloves at this point?

Kelleher is a TV writer who has worked on In Living Color and The Arsenio Hall show. Does that imply that this pitch is a comedy? I would kind of assume so, given the subject matter, but there’s no word on that yet.

Which two old timers would you like to see go at it?

Extra Tidbit: I'll say Rourke and Eastwood. But that would be no comedy.
Source: THR



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