Warner Bros. greenlights Starman for his own superhero film

Alright, so I have a decent amount of geek cred built up over the last twenty years or so, but even I had to look up Starman to know anything about him to write this story.

According to Pajiba, Warners is moving forward to develop a feature based around the intergalactic hero, who has undergone many, many iterations over the years, ranging from a guy with goggles and a "gravity rod" to what appears to be a night skyscape condensed into a human body. And he's a schizophrenic or something.

Warners is banking on Green Lantern opening the door to intergalactic superheroes (Superman doesn’t count, Silver Surfer was a side note in his own movie), but I really think the brand recognition on Starman is going to be a lot lower than Ryan Reynolds as the Lantern. And judging from this picture, he doesn't even have a face. Guess we're going with goggles and gravity rod.

Presumably, since this will likely be space-based, that should entail a decent sized budget in order to make it not look like total garbage. Is that something Warners will be willing to sink funds into? I understand we’re running out of superheroes here, but I think we’re starting to reach the tipping point on whether or not all superhero movies will be profitable. What do you think?

Extra Tidbit: What random-ass superhero do you think truly deserves their own film?
Source: Pajiba



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