Warner Bros. really wants to bring you some DC Comics superheroes

Marvel's superheroes have been hitting movie screens at quite a clip, but longtime rival DC is finally on track to give them some spandex-clad competition.

At an investor presentation, Warner Bros. honcho Barry Meyer verified a July 20, 2012 release date for Christopher Nolan's third BATMAN movie, and also mentioned that another SUPERMAN would be landing in theaters "holiday season 2012". Considering all the legal wranglings going on with the Man of Steel, we'll see if that sticks.

Meyer also claims the studio is "nearing a greenlight" for THE FLASH, and says that movies based on WONDER WOMAN and AQUAMAN are in development. Of course, WONDER WOMAN has been in developement for about 25 years, so that's not really an "update"...

And while LOBO and SHAZAM movies seem to be stalled at the moment, WB will reportedly make an adaptation of their lesser-known hero STARMAN. (I've also heard recent rumors about plans for some kind of a GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY project -- but not the SUPERMAX one.)

And then there's GREEN LANTERN, which punches theaters with a 3D power ring next summer. And there are other big plans for the hero, as you can see below:

Extra Tidbit: If they can capture some of what Geoff Johns did with the book, THE FLASH movie could kick serious ass.
Source: Heat Vision



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