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Warner Bros. wants Ruben Fleischer to direct Gangster Squad


Warner Bros. is currently is negotiation with Ruben Fleischer (ZOMBIELAND) to direct GANGSTER SQUAD.

The crime drama set in the 1940-50's centers on, "a squad of elite Los Angeles officers who fought organized crime kingpins like Mickey Cohen." It's been compared in tone to films like THE UNTOUCHABLES and L.A. CONFIDENTIAL. The film is based on, "a series of articles by Paul Lieberman and was scripted by Will Beall, a former South Central Los Angeles cop who wrote the novel L.A. Rex."

For awhile it was thought that Darren Aronofsky would be the helmer for GANGSTER SQUAD. He passed in order to direct THE WOLVERINE. At one point, Ben Affleck's name was thrown in as well. Fleischer went from being part of the shortlist to the inevitable choice.

Currently Fleischer is working on 30 SECONDS OR LESS starring Danny McBride as a pizza guy on a caper.

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Source: Deadline



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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