Washington is the least

I'd really like to forget about all the negative press surrounding Isaiah Washington and give him a clean slate, but as I look through his filmography, I found that once upon a time he was a part of WILD THINGS 2. The question is can I forgive that?

Anyway, Washington is to star in the movie THE LEAST OF THESE, as a priest who returns to the Catholic school where he was once abused. There, he replaces a teacher who molested several teenage boys and may or may not have been killed by one of them. Talk about controversy. You'd think that after the whole gay slur thing he might want to take a role in a nice bubble-gum Kate Hudson romantic comedy, or maybe a remake of TO WONG FOO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR, but no, he jumps straight into a little movie about pedophilia. You've got to commend him for that at least.

The screenplay was written (and will be directed) by Nathan Scoggins, and won the inaugural Art Within fellowship for screenwriters of faith last year.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, Scoggins' wife recommended Washington for the lead.
Source: Dark Horizons



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