Watch 8 of Die Hard 4

There seems to be more concern over the PG-13 rating for LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD than whether it'll actually be a decent movie. Personally, I've been willing to give Bruce Willis and his weary cop alter-ego the benefit of the doubt.

I still feel the same way after checking out the opening eight minutes or so, which is now available for viewing at Yahoo. Unsurprisingly it features mainly action as our venerable hero picks up tech criminal Justin Long and proceeds to shoot at/beat up a number of armed assassins.

It does feel a little small, likely because it's streaming in a five-inch rectangle on my computer (I find the increasing studio "clip" frenzy to be a highly suspect way of promotion that just makes people that much more comfortable with watching movies in this manner), but it's not completely unsatisfying despite the notable lack of Maggie Q. Check it out RIGHT HERE and judge for yourself!
Extra Tidbit: The paramilitary dude doing some crazy shit in the 8-minute clip is Cyril Raffaelli, an amazing French acrobat/stuntman/martial artist best known for KISS OF THE DRAGON and DISTRICT 13.
Source: Yahoo



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