Watch at your own risk: Jersey Shore parodies Best Picture nominees

Every so often we get a trainwreck of a reality show that captures America’s attention like any real real, horrific, flaming trainwreck would. After The Anna Nicole Smith Show, The Simple Life and a host of others, the flavor of the year is Jersey Shore, and their lastest victim is the Oscars.

The George Lopez show, which I’m informed is some sort of comedy program on TBS (though its claims of said comedy have not yet been proven through extensive research), recruited the Jersey Shore cast members to film parodies of Best Picture nominees THE HURT LOCKER, AVATAR and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. This should go well.

I’ve posted all four video segments below, and it’s a fun game to see how many you can get through before you are compelled to bash your head into an adjacent wall. It’s really only about four minutes long in total, but I’m pretty sure it’s a glimpse of what hell is like for movie critics; an eternity of watching Jersey Shore cast members reenact every movie ever made.

Extra Tidbit: I'll be honest, I laughed once during THE HURT LOCKER one. "She's gonna blow!"
Source: George Lopez



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