Watch Josh Hutcherson's audition for Spider-Man

While the lead role in the SPIDER-MAN reboot obviously went to Andrew Garfield, one of other names that was on the short list (and some even thought was the guy who'd eventually get the gig) was Josh Hutcherson. The KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT actor had met with Sony execs for the part and he made it far enough along in the process to shoot this "fight demo" with director Marc Webb. It was shot to give Webb and the executives at Sony and idea of how Hutcherson would act, fight, etc. as Spider-Man (albeit, in very rough form).

The always crafty Latino Review boys were able to get ahold of Hutcherson's audition and have posted it online. I'll reserve judgment on the actor himself because it's not really fair to judge him considering he didn't even get the part (if this was Garfield's audition, it'd be a different story). But take a look below to see what could've been...

Extra Tidbit: I kinda feel bad for Hutcherson now...
Source: Latino Review



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