Watch Louis CK's entire stand-up film Hilarious for free right now

There are few people that can make me laugh as hard and as often as Louis CK. He's been around for ages, but only in the past year or two have I really grown to appreciate him, and his stand-up is some of the best I've ever seen.

Well the world is finally recognizing his genuis, as he has a hit show on FX and now an entire movie devoted to his stand-up comedy. It's called HILARIOUS and from what I've seen, deserves that title.

Louis is teaming with streaming video site EpixHD to bring the movie to the internet right now, for free. Go here to sign up for Epix (it literally took me under a minute), get a login code and then go here for the full feature if you're bored at work or unemployed and in need of a good laugh.

As a taste of what you'll find, here's one of my favorite Louis CK bits from Conan, "Everything is amazing and nobody's happy."

Extra Tidbit: Incidentally, Louie on FX is probably the darkest show on TV today, but still manages to be hilarious.
Source: EpixHD



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