Watch Peter Jackson as he discusses Universal Studios' new King Kong attraction

One of my fondest memories growing up was going to Universal Studios Hollywood and riding the studio tram tour. I haven't been back in over a decade, but I remember the awesome feeling of riding around the BACK TO THE FUTURE set, seeing the Bates house from PSYCHO, and of course, being terrorized by everyone's favorite giant simian King Kong (and for those that have never been, that Kong was modeled after the 1976 man-in-suit catastrophe).

So it was pretty sad when news broke almost exactly two years ago that portions of the Universal back lot burned down, including the old Kong attraction. And at first it wasn't going to be rebuilt! Something new would've replaced it which would've been crazy since I think there are few Hollywood characters/creatures more iconic than the giant ape.

Thankfully, for Angeleno Schmoes and future visitors of our fair city, Kong will be returning courtesy of its most recent caretaker, Peter Jackson. And of course, that means it'll come with all the latest bells and whistles that a theme park ride can have.

I've babbled enough, though. Let PJ himself fill you in on what to expect in this minute-and-a-half featurette from the folks at CraveOnline.

Extra Tidbit: Famed makeup artist Rick Baker was the man in the Kong suit in the 1976 remake.
Source: CraveOnline



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