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Since there won't be any substantial movie news until early 2008, I figured I'd dig up a few independent short films to keep you occupied until then.

I was a big fan of Rob Schrab's wonderfully surreal and violent comic series SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN, but he ultimately left the format behind for more Hollywoodish pursuits. He co-created the often bootlegged unaired TV pilot HEAT VISION AND JACK, co-wrote the CG flick MONSTER HOUSE, and most recently writes, directs and appears in THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM.

Before that, he made a short film called ROBOT BASTARD, a purposely cheesy adventure of a robot agent on a mission to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter (former BUFFY teacher Robia La Morte) from the evil Blood Mamba. To do that, our boxy hero must wade through a space station full of Black Mummies, which he accomplishes with maximum firepower and mindless mayhem.

Shot on a shoestring budget with props made from junk, ROBOT BASTARD is for anyone who appreciates funky colors, wacky designs, glorious schlock, rubber-suit monsters, the original Star Trek series, exploding heads and green goop.


Extra Tidbit: Schrab is finally providing the first new issues of his comic SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN since 1998.
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