Watch the first 65 minutes of Toy Story 3!

Were you not one of the lucky ones who got to see TOY STORY 3 at ShoWest? Also unable to make it to WonderCon to see what Pixar will be showing off from the film there? Good news! You can still see a good chunk of the movie before it hits theaters this June. Well.....sorta.

Disney/Pixar will be screening 65-minutes of TOY STORY 3 throughout April at a number of colleges across the US. The only catch is that you have to be a current student as a valid college ID is required to attend. On one hand it sucks for all those people who aren't in college (or are in college but not at one of the included universities) but on the other hand, it's actually quite cool. I remember recently they were screening an upcoming animated film in New York City and to attend you HAD to bring at least one child under eight with you. Disney/Pixar are so confident in their film, they're marketing to the young adult audience. Kids will come see TOY STORY 3 but let's get the college kids in to see this kids movie too!

OK, so what do you have to do to attend? Click here to head to the Disney/Pixar Facebook page and find your college. While you will need to have a valid college ID to sign up, it appears that when you sign up you'll be allowed to bring a guest (who would presumably NOT need a college ID). Check it out and after the event, make sure to check back in and let us know how it went!

Extra Tidbit: I'm thinking I might brave the crowd and actually check this out at my alma mater.
Source: Disney



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