Watch the first minute of the Marvel one-shot All Hail The King right now

When the first images of the Ben Kingsley Marvel one-shot ALL HAIL THE KING were unveiled recently, many began to theorize the possibility of a different incarnation of The Mandarin appearing in IRON MAN 4 or a future AVENGERS movie. While most folks were disappointed with the Trevor Slattery bait-and-switch tactic employed in IRON MAN 3, you have to admit Kingsley's performance was damn hilarious.

Drew Pearce, IRON MAN 3 writer and ALL HAIL THE KING director, has defended the twist that angered many and this 14 minute short film may not fix all of those hard feelings but it could certainly set the path in the right direction. In this opening clip shared by Entertainment Weekly, we are introduced to Scoot McNairy's character, a documentary filmmaker looking to find out the true story behind Trevor Slattery's deception.

We will have to wait until February 25th to see the full short on the THOR: THE DARK WORLD Blu-ray, so enjoy this tease for now.

Click here to head over to EW to view the non-embeddable clip.



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