Watch The People take on George Lucas in this new trailer

Since I started writing here at JoBlo a few months ago, one of my biggest surprises has been seeing how most of you guys are quite adamant about defending George Lucas and his decision making process behind “enhancing” the original trilogy and creating three poorly received new installments. The general consensus I hear is “it’s his series, let him do what he wants, he doesn’t owe us anything.”

Well, I’m interested to hear your take on this film project then, THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS, which chronicles the nerd rage against Lucas and what he’s done to their beloved STAR WARS universe. The trailer is below and it features people taking the thing way too seriously, but sometimes raising valid points.

My own opinion? I’m used to being flamed for it at this point, but I think Lucas does owe the fans his best effort to make films worthy of the universe he’s created, and things like re-releases and toy-friendly new movies just seem like cash grabs. I think Lucas has some great ideas, but needs creative control which everyone is too afraid to give him. I think on the inevitable next STAR WARS trilogy, he should consult and advise, but not write or direct, as those duties seem to be beyond him these days.

Extra Tidbit: Our own JoBlo has a cameo appearance in this documentary, woo-hoo!
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