Watch Thomas Jane emote in this preview thing for I Melt With You

It wasn't that long ago that we told you about director Mark Pellington (ARLINGTON ROAD) making I MELT WITH YOU, a low-budget movie with Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven and Rob Lowe. The drama/thriller was described only as following "the interconnected lives of four men."

The Playlist says the guy filling out that quartet will be Christian McKay, who played Orson Welles in Richard Linklater's ME AND ORSON WELLES. They also say the movie will focus on the "pain of the modern male psyche" as it "follows four college friends now in their forties who find themselves immersed in various stages and types of mid-life crises."

In addition, they dug up some kind of test footage Pellington already made for the $1 million budgeted project, which you can check out below. Seems very... experimental.

I Melt With You from Pellington Films on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: Sure he can act, but I think I prefer seeing Jane shoot people or use his notable schlong to satisfy clients.
Source: The Playlist



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