Watching movies online

If you find it hard to get out to the cinema as often as you would like, then you probably try to watch as many as you can at home, on your computer. We thought we'd feature one of the best sites out there for facilitating such a thing. Because I'm sure most of you are as lazy as me.

HelloMovies shows you exactly where to watch a large collection of movies from the most popular, legal, high-quality service providers. They aggregate all of the film listings from sites like Hulu, Crackle, Fancast, Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Video. In each case, you are directed straight to the web page where you can start watching the movie instantly.

On each film's individual page, you can also find a consensus rating, reviews, the scores that the film has from IMDb, Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, and a list of awards it has won. You can also check out the film's trailer to help you make a choice.

I personally only make the trip out to the cinema for a big budget action flick that deserves to be seen on the big screen, if there's a movie that I particularly want to support, or if my girlfriend is threatening to withhold sex. So HelloMovies is a pretty good way to keep abreast of everything else.
Extra Tidbit: Go and use Hellomovies to watch HE GOT GAME. Great movie.



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